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Registered: 29.04.2009
29.04.09 18:08:29
Hey guys this this is my first ever video that I want to upload to my site. Having a problem.

1. The original file is 350mb avs.
2. I used AVS video to Flash to get under 100mb. It reduced it to 89mb that fine.
3. File format created was flv and I need it to be swf
4. I used AVS Video Converter 6.2 to create from flv to swf.

Problem is after conversion it produced swf file with Internet Explore icon with only 75 bytes.
When I opened the file, IE only showed a black screen. Probably because there were no video files.
I don't know what happened to my video files in the conversion. It seems like they did not take.

I know am doing something obviously wrong and would appreciate any suggestion for fixes.

I just want to know the steps to take my original 350MB file reduce it under 100MB in a swf format
and be able to view.

I appreciate your feedback.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
30.04.09 01:14:51
File format created was flv and I need it to be swf
Using AVS Video To Flash it is possible to convert videos to flash format with an option to create a HTML page. Apart from the HTML page, the output folder created contains an SWF file of a container type.

However, if you`d prefer to get an actual video file with .swf extension (without creating a HTML page) you can use AVS Video Converter. Just take your source 350 Mb file and choose the following profile during conversion: To Flash, SWF Optimal Quality. The output file will be approx. 60 Mb in size. If you would like to get a larger output file, set a higher output bitrate in Profile Editor: the higher bitrate, the large output file size.

Hopefully, this information is helpful
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Registered: 29.04.2009
30.04.09 13:33:39
To: nadin

Nadin, thank you for the reply. Yes it was very helpful.

However when I viewed the swf conversion there was no video player during
playback. How can I have the player created during conversion or is there another way?

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Registered: 22.01.2009
03.05.09 23:12:13
To: jonny

It is possible to create a HTML page with a player using AVS Video To Flash only. In AVS Video Converter this feature is not available.

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