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30.12.22 20:00:03
I have bought a license for this software and tried it recently to do a montage, but there is a very annoying problem that manifested. Sometimes, videos get butchered while being produced. They get tears, become buggy, freeze. There is nothing wrong with the original video files which any number of video players play without issue, but once they get through the AVS video editor, they come out with significant flaws (see image attached for example).

I tried looking in the preferences for acceleration, CUDA decoder, temporary cache vs no-cache, single-thread vs multi-thread, nothing changes, half the time, my rendering fails (error 66556 or something, which tells me to "increase the number of free threads" which doesn't seem to do anything).

It seems to me there is a decoding problem. There is no effect on the video, my montage is just a series of images and clips. Both the video clip and the output are at 29.97 fps. The input clip is 4K (well, 2400x2160 anamorphic 4K) produced in Handbrake using a standard H264 codec, the output is 1920x1080.

Does anyone have any idea to solve this? As it stands, it sucks that I can't get this program to render a stable image from MP4 video files as inputs.
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09.01.23 12:34:49
To: Kchoze


Does the issue appear with all files or particular ones?

Do you have this issue in the output files only or also on preview in AVS Video Editor?

In the acceleration settings did you try to change Intel media decoder types and produce video using Software / Hardware / Disable decoder? (we recommend to restart the program each time you change this parameter)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards
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