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Registered: 31.03.2012
31.03.12 01:10:08
I added music to the timeline first and then added images. After that, I realized you need to do all of the pictures, lock that timeline, and then work with audio. I just removed the audio from the timeline, but if I add a song back down it still skips. What is going on? It worked in the beginning, before we started moving pictures around.
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Registered: 03.07.2008
02.04.12 13:25:05
To: mkhoffman02@embarqmail.com


Please make sure you use the latest version of AVS Video Editor available here

I suggest you to follow the instruction when you create your slideshow.

Best regards
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Registered: 15.04.2012
15.04.12 19:48:01
I'm having the same problem with skipping. It started all of the sudden out of the blue. How do I fix this???? If I continue to work with it while it skips, and I burn it to a DVD, will it be smooth or skip on the DVD? Ahhh this pisses me off. The answer below by Morestel is weak and not an answer. C'mon people, if you are making us pay for this product, give us some straight fixes!!
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Registered: 20.05.2010
16.04.12 07:23:54
To: cassijw@gmail.com


We regret any inconvenience caused. Please provide us more information:
- describe your actions step by step;
- specify the format of the file you are trying to edit and its origin;
- specify to which format you convert and which presets you select;
- specify when the issue starts
- attach a screenshot of your PC configuration: right-click My Computer, choose Properties, make a screenshot of the General tab.

Best regards.
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Registered: 25.05.2012
29.05.12 14:48:30
To: Morestel

Hi Cassi, where you able to resolve this on your own?
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Registered: 13.10.2012
16.10.12 17:11:16
I'm recording a voice track over an instrumental track - but they get out of sync. The voice ends up being 1 -2 beats behind the instrumental track even though the recording was started against the left "wall" in every instance. BTW - not just on one number - it's happened on 5 numbers so far. Seems more predominant on faster numbers than slower ones.

HELP !!!

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Registered: 10.04.2012
17.10.12 10:40:38
To: larry@eaglebqh.com


To avoid the issue, please try adjusting the position of the cursor when you start recording over a track.

Please note, that AVS Audio Editor has no function of synchronizing recorded voice with the audio track.

Best regards
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