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Registered: 24.04.2009
24.04.09 17:35:12
I am a Newbie trying to learn Music Mix. I have numerous short audio files I created in a ProShow Gold program that I want Music Mix to turn into one file. I imported the files into collection. When I ad the files (selected sample/effect) one by one to the Music Mix audio track it works for a few files then Music Mix suddenly creates a New Track and puts the file in this second track. I just want the one track, not additional tracks. I am at a loss as to why Music Mix is doing this.

P.S.... I was a combat medic in Vietnam and the Vietnamese word for "Doc" is "Bacsi".
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28.04.09 01:47:30
To: bacsi

Actually files added to the timeline will all be saved as one audio file as a result, no matter whether you add your audio files one after another using one New Track line, or you apply them on different lines.

In case you mix them the first way, there will be no option to lay one track over another (see screenshot 1). In case you combine tracks using multiple lines (see screenshot 2), you will be able to overlay the tracks by moving them back and forth.

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