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12.04.14 09:30:46

I've been using AVS Video Editor for a number of years now, and one of the things that I noticed is that the color correction is not very useful. These sliders and all these settings are kinda pointless as it currently sits. We as video editors need to see the scopes and ranges. This is something that ХХХX offers. This gives you far greater and more professional looking results in videos and image. I wanted to share with you a link from a guy who got really great color correction results simply because he used scopes. HAve the developers look into the video, because these feature will be literally night and day for editors

Larry Jordan's video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX45Yi1spY4

I've been noticing in with all the changes and whatnot to VE, they have never really touched the interface itself. In fact most of what is there has remained unchanged since I started using it in 2009. Many of the feature requests that seem to get added are pretty minimalistic and do nothing for the editing process itself. In fact there is still an aspect radio glitch in the code for the DVD menu layouts in VE (they get cut off in the final product) that's never been fixed. Another example is the global scaling of overlays, images, and videos. Turning off proportional editing of images and videos (like you could in DVD Authoring) would also be a wonderful feature. Even updating the special effects would be great as well.

To be honest, VE is falling behind in the level of professional software, and yes I understand that it costs a lot to pay developers in order to give features (which comes back to the consumer). I also know that more code means potential glitches in other areas, but an overhaul is probably in order. This program is in the 6th major release (and 4th minor update), but still feels very dated in overall look and functionality. I think taking cues from your competitors like ХХХ can give VE a good boost. ;-)

I came to AVS due to the fact that the products were incredible, and after months of research, I have never regretted coming to AVS. In fact I use almost the entire line of editing programs AVS offers (I still miss DVD Authoring and wish that would come back). I've been an unlimited license holder since the day I bought it.

I use the software regularly, and have gotten very proficient. There just needs to be some major fixes, and perhaps an overhaul of the code is now needed for version 7 when that comes out.

Believe me I love the products AVS creates, but as a long time user, building lots of projects with the software as it sits feels a bit behind the tech times. I'm not really sure how serious my ideas will be taken, but I do hope they are strongly considered (even added). :-)
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17.04.14 08:44:59
To: kjemradio

Dear user,

Thank you for using AVS4YOU software for such a long time and for all the suggestions.

I will surely pass them over to our developers. Our developers try to do their best to update and enchance AVS4YOU software applications.

P.S. I have deleted names of the third party software you mention - it is now allowed by AVS Forum rules.

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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27.04.14 16:27:02
That's an impressive suggestion, a pretty specific one too. +1.
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