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Registered: 29.09.2010
04.10.10 11:14:23
I apologize if this is redundant and others have said similar things, but I think your screen capture program (which is awesome that made it), needs some work. I am trying to commentate starcraft 2 games. AT first it would record sound via my webcam, and no video once the game was loaded (just a black screen). Now the webcam sound doesn't work at all and when I load an SC2 replay, while recording, I get a black screen and it doesn't load the replay.

There may be some compatibility issues, I'm not sure. Either way, I am going to continue using "Fraps", until we can either fix it right now, or wait until a newer version of AVS screen capture comes out.

any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.
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Registered: 26.11.2010
14.12.10 02:57:45
To: alodude

I am not really sure, but I think everything depends on your system. I have AMD Athlon 3800/4GB/ATI Radeon video card and didn't have any problems with Screen Capture. Try to update your video/audio card drivers.
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