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Registered: 04.02.2009
10.02.09 01:53:13
I am converting MPEG4 files to MP3 and when I select an MP4 file or files and then press Convert Now - nothing happens, except for the Elapsed Timer, which keeps ticking away. No progress bar, no progress percent.
A new file is created however, with mp3 ending, but it is not playable.
Also the Convert Now button is still enabled and I can continue to click it even after starting a conversion.

I am using the software directly from a straight install with no configuration changes.

I have attached a couple of the files (songs) I am converting (first two attachments). The last attachment is what I get from the convert now process.

I have also tried uninstalling and installing three times now.
Attached files:
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Registered: 22.01.2009
10.02.09 01:58:54
To: tuntavern@att.net

There is only the output file attached. Please could you attach one of the MP4 files you are trying to convert using AVS Audio Converter, so that we could test it. Thank you in advance.
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