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Registered: 27.08.2023
27.08.23 12:17:14
Hello, I'm a beginner and I need help (if possible) in the following topic.
My mother would like to watch a series, a Mexican production, with a voiceover attached, unfortunately the voiceover (Polish) is too quiet compared to the original actores voices and the question is whether it is possible to somehow make the Polish voice in the foreground (it was a bit louder), I read something that there is such a magic "compressor" filter, but unfortunately I have no experience in this (audio sample is attached)
Thanks in advance for all the tips
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29.08.23 10:30:49
To: skrz

Hello! Could you please provide one of these files for testing? You can share your file using any sharing service like Google Drive. If you do not want to provide a link on forum, you can contact us via AVS4YOU support service (describe the issue in detail and share a file). The link to the support system is below.
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