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Registered: 25.06.2020
25.08.21 10:50:55
does anyone have any experience of WAV files that have been created using the Linux 'arecord' command ? It seems to me that they are not read correctly by AVS Audio Editor.
I have created such a file that should be 24-bit audio at 48 kHz sample rate with a -10dB 1000Hz sine wave in the left channel only but when I load it into AVS Audio Editor it is displayed as "mush", there is some semblance of a sine wave but it appears the samples have been "smeared" across both Left and Right channels.
I think this might be because Linux 'arecord' stores the audio as 4 bytes per sample; this is correctly reported in the WAV header in the "ByteRate" and the "BlockAlign" parameters but my guess is that AVS Audio Editor ignores this and reads the data as 3 bytes per sample based upon it being 24-bit audio.

I've attached the WAV file (in a ZIP file) in case anyone wants to look at it...

Any thoughts or comments would be gratefully received

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27.08.21 07:35:47
To: PhilipJ


You've been assisted via AVS4YOU Support System. Please provide the information requested by our support manager.

Best regards
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27.12.21 17:16:20
To: PhilipJ

We've added support for such WAV-files from Linux in the new version AVS Audio Editor
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