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01.08.19 10:08:40
The last time I used AVS Video Editor was between 2009 and 2010. At that time it was free to use. This year I bought the package (incl Video, Audio, Converter etc) as am doing a new project that needs a few videos. I am finding the fade in and fade out option on audio in Video Editor does not really fade in or out properly -- in fact it's almost as if I have not tweaked the audio at all. So I have had to open the audio file in Audio Editor, tweak it, save it, and stick it back into my video project. If someone has found an effective way to do this without a two-step process involving using Video and Audio editors, please do share.

Further, I hope AVS moderators keep an eye on this forum and will see this.

Back when AVS was free, you could tweak the audio (volume, fade in, fade out) in the audio timeline in Video Editor by just pointing at where on timeline you wanted and dragging the audio wavelength up or down. Now it's been dumbed down and even less flexible. Sigh.
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05.08.19 12:15:51
To: francestay


You can use the Timeline to fade-in or fade-out your audio track. For it please right-click on the audio track on the Audiomix line of the Timeline and choose fade-in/fade-out.

You can change the settings using red dots on the audiotrack. To change the position please move a point on the envelope, click and hold the point and drag it to a new location.

Here you find the detailed description, on how to edit the soundtrack.

Best regards
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