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Registered: 03.10.2012
03.10.12 19:50:06
I have found it difficult to find the things that I need in order to use any of the 18 programs included in the AVS4You offer. Everything is scattered in different places, and practically all of it is only readable on the internet while I am online. I think that it would make perfect sense for you to make a dowloadable PDF file for each of your 18 programs so that the information we need to use your programs is easier to find and even printable so that it can be read offline. Not online are the instructions you have online scattered and hard to find, but in many cases it is vague while in all cases it keeps repeating how to download the program that it is documenting.

So, why can't you just create PDF files, each containing the User Manual for each of the 18 programs?
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Registered: 10.04.2012
04.10.12 08:10:23
To: CCruz


We appreciate your taking time to offer us this suggestion.

However, please note, that our User Guides are available in PDF format.

The links to download PDF guides are located in the left upper corner of each product's Online Help page.

Best regards
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24.11.12 18:07:53
To: Esther

Thanks! I just wonder why some users could easily get lost navigating to this page.
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