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Registered: 18.07.2008
18.07.08 09:37:32
i WANT TO START BY SAYING WHAT A FANTASTIC SITE THIS FORUM IS. posted were 2 articles for Dam /Mouthy061.
They provided me with the answers to my similar problem.

I just have a couple of things needed clearing up re AVS CONVERTER 6.2. I presume when one wants to burn via avs 6.2 and you add items in the imput file name box and you get info re how many discs may be needed is due to my laymans understanding of this the basicaly the MB fed in are sort of stretched because I eg notice size wise it said the 2 files I imput were 884MB but the burnt Disc said it was full ie vertully full ie 2.1GB

The other I would like to see if its correct is I discovered that after my first attempt I could not insert didc into tray after downloads wee completed. On my second attempt I inserted the dvd at the beginning of the conversertion process and Eureka allwas well.

JOHN. I am an elderly gentleman and I could work out my problem from the information. Im sure there are many old and young who prefer this to being sent a couple of web addreses to try and solve the problem
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21.07.08 02:19:57
To: 15541


Thank you for the nice words about our forum.

I presume when one wants to burn via avs 6.2...

If you want just to burn any video, I'd recommend you to use AVS Disc Creator. While using AVS Disc Creator you add the files you want to burn on the disc, you will see how much space they take on the disc (See the attachment). You can also clear up the disc you want to burn files to (if you use a rewritable disc CD-RW, DVD-RW or BD-RE) , before the burning. For that please press Erase... button (See the attachment).

I could not insert didc into tray

I did not undestand what you meant. Please clarify the issue.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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19.01.09 10:03:39
how do you get video files to dvd converter
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20.01.09 05:07:20
To: melh

Please follow these links to AVS User Guides or AVS Online Help for the how-to-do information.
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