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Registered: 29.06.2010
29.06.10 17:11:16
Q: I want to make a multmedia cdrom (promational cd/dvd for my band, click a button for music, click a button for video, click a button for bio etc)

Which software can I use for this. I have tried out the AVS DVD Authoring and I cannot seem to add documents (PDF) to this, only video.
Any suggestions?
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30.06.10 00:06:04
To: damparker@hotmail.com

At present, it is possible to create customised menu for your DVD disk (click on a chapter button - go to video, click on the second button - go to some other part of the disk) only in AVS DVD Authoring. Click here to find the instructions on how to create the Menu you need.

But only in AVS Video Editor you will be able to create music video (an image file on a background with music playing).

For now AVS Video Editor does not support PDF files, but you can use AVS Document Converter to convert PDF to any of the image formats available, that will be possible to import to AVS Video Editor afterwards. Please click here to find the detailed instructions.

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