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04.03.10 07:07:07
This video was shot with an JVC HDD camcorder. The video was then edited in AVS Video Editor. The drawing portions were sped up while the pauses where slowed down. A number of "outtakes" were cut out as well. Two shots were where redone as well the next day, however, the lighting the next day was a little off. Again, using Video Editor we adjusted the color of the clips and where able to match very closely.

The Music was too short for the length of the Video. However, using AVS Audio Editor I chopped the song into three pieces. Then I opened the first piece, open and appended the middle piece, open and appended the middle piece again, and then open and appended the last piece. Now the song was long enough!

The result is a parable from the Bible which was used to teach my wife's fifth grade class:


This next video is a "slide show" of pictures. It was compiled again with Video Editor. The voice is recorded using a simple USB mic right into Video Editor. The music is a midi file of the song "Old McDonald." Because the song my wife created doesn't follow the verse/chorus pattern of Old McDonald I again used Audio Editor to extensively cut and piece parts together.


Finally, the following Video is also a "slide show" of pictures. Done completely in Video Editor. I think this Video really shows off some of the power of Video Editor that you just don't get in the bare bones free programs like Movie Maker. The text scrolling across the pictures as it fades in and out... the Video (or in this case, picture) overlay so that you can have picture on picture... Those things can't be done with Movie Maker. Oh, and how it's all Sepia? Takes about 1/10 the time in Video Editor that it does to do this in Movie Maker because I can just drag out the effect bar rather than pulling the effect onto ever picture.


These are reasons that I quickly purchased AVS software. Even after just using it a few days I was already able to do so much more with it. Thanks so much!!
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05.03.10 04:24:20
To: seateabee@gmail.com

Thank you for sharing your videos! They are awesome!
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19.04.10 05:25:43
To: derek.skipp1@ntlworld.com

You post has been moved to another topic. Please follow this link.
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21.04.10 14:44:13
i used the trial avs audio converter and i got beeps all through my songs does anyone know how to get rid of them ?thanks for your help :)
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26.04.10 11:25:00
To: vagabon1


Please read the information in our FAQ.

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25.07.16 13:30:36
To: seateabee@gmail.com

Here is my first trial of making a complicated video. First I got the error code 65xxx by the end of rendering. After searching this forum I learned to make the movie as individual projects no longer than 5 minutes. After rendering each project I join the files with AVS Video remaker. AVS and youtube allow get really High resolution audio and video. My original audio files are mono and stereo WAV 16 bit 44,1 kHz.
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26.07.16 09:26:40
To: SiggeSvahn

Dear user,

Thank you for the feedback. Good video.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards
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17.09.16 09:21:44
Here is my latest creation, looks really good.
Audio original is wave 96 kHz / 24 bits.
Encoding is VIDEO 1920 x 1080 px, 2000 kbps, 25 frames/sec, comp H264: AUDIO 224 kbps, 44,1 kHz, Apple Lossless.
It's working like a charm.
Thanks AVS!
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19.09.16 07:48:31
To: SiggeSvahn

Thank you very much for sharing your video! Great! *SUPER*
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09.08.17 21:16:32
I bought and paid for 2 licenses. The software is good but the Company stinks!

My hard drive crashed and I was able to clone it on a new one and get my computer up and running. AVS was the only software that required me to re-enter the Activation Code. It would not allow me to re-activate it on the SAME machine!

I made several attempts to contact them to no avail.

AVS just FUCKED ME out of $29.50 for a 3rd license.

The products are good but the Company stinks like rotten fish!

If you can find other software, of which there is many, I would avoid dealing with these thieves!

Stuart Vener
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Registered: 15.02.2013
18.08.17 07:12:28
Hello Stuart,

We have seen your messages and replied you in the online support system http://support.avs4you.com/Support.aspx.
Please kindly note that once you install AVS software on the same PC you don't have to acquire another license. Please enter the support system and view the reply of the support manager.

Best regards
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