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Registered: 30.09.2009
30.09.09 11:37:33
I have several video clips I work on and one of my cameras records in 16:9 and one in 4:3. I had one software from Cucusoft that I did not have any problem converting these with. However I have the AVS video converter now and although you can select to convert it to 4:3 when it does it still has the black lines across the top of the video clips. How can I fix this?
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02.10.09 03:20:41
To: johnbarnes09@ymail.com

Actually in case you convert 16:9 files to 4:3, mattes (black boards) are added. As 16:9 is a wide-screen format, it cannot fit the 4:3 screen. There are two ways to resolve this: either mattes are added to the video or it gets cropped. If you wish, you can use the Crop function, but bear in mind that a part of the image will be lost to retain the aspect ratio.

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23.03.11 04:12:11
To: nadin

How do you use the crop function to crop the image into a different aspect ratio? I've only found a crop function for cropping within the same aspect ratio as the image you are cropping?
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23.03.11 04:52:48
To: Austin-1


Aspect Correction tab is all what you need in AVS Video Converter. Please find the detials how to work with it here.

Not all video containers has aspect ratio, so, converting to them, output aspect will not be avaliable in Aspect Correction tab. In that case you should correct the aspect of input video.

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