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Registered: 12.07.2008
14.07.08 07:19:58
I am using Motion DV Studio that came with my Panasonic Video Camera. The Videos in the Library are avi. I converted a wmv format to an avi on your free software seemingly without problem. However I can not get the Motion DV Studion to accept the avi formatted video and a message appears saying it is not fully supported. I am interested in purchasing your software but am not sure it will work if I do.
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15.07.08 02:23:42
To: wayne_hannson@hotmail.com


Please specify the formats supported by the DV Studio and the file format that comes from your camera. We suppose that it is DV-AVI. At the moment we do not have a special preset for that. But I'd recommend you to try to convert your .wmv files using the following AVI preset in the AVS Video Converter 6:

Video: uncompressed
Audio: PCM

See the attachment.

Hope to hear from you soon
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