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01.07.09 06:46:30
Dear AVS4YOU users,

We are glad to announce the release of the new version of AVS Video Editor!
(version, release date 29/06/2009).

Our team has taken suggestions from AVS users into consideration and for the purpose of extending the usability of the program implemented some new features, such as:

Speed control allowing to apply slow motion/speed up effects to the particular parts of video/audio tracks.

New video effects (Sepia, Old Movie, Puzzle, Wind, TV Simulation and much more).

Plenty of new transitions (the total number of transition effects now exceeds 500).

Effects and transitions functionality much improved as compared to the previous version.

Audio correction settings which can be applied to a particular part of main video track, as well to the soundtrack. Amplify, equalize, normalize, compressor, pitch shift and other effects are added.

Color correction settings which can be applied not only to videos, but also to images.

Improved timeline editing options. Lines lockup function allows to edit audio mix track independently from the main video. Objects can be duplicated, particular scenes muted.

Freeze frame option allows to make a still shot of your video clip.

New text editing opportunities: improved interface of the edit text window, new text animations (over 50 animations added).

Video overlay trajectory settings: apply path of the video overlay according to your wish. Video overlay volume control.

Create Blu-Ray video with the menu and burn it onto a disc!

New presets for Nindendo Wii, Sony PSP and SanDisk Sansa View.

Full screen preview mode.

Modern stylish skin.

We are very particular about feedback from our users and would be glad to receive your comments and further suggestions.

Best regards,
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