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Registered: 08.03.2009
08.03.09 12:18:29
I can't convert my .avi videos because the AVS video converter needs the codec: ATI 12 4:2:0 planar. When I try to download the codec, I get an error that says I don't have the appropriate program installed the allows that download. So what do I do now? When I let windows search for the appropriate program I get too many choices. I don't know what I should download. I'm running XP professional 32 bit SP3, and ie 7, wmp 11 upgraded from 9 if that helps. Suggestions? Thank you.
Support Manager
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Registered: 06.05.2008
09.03.09 05:03:14
AVS video converter needs the codec: ATI 12 4:2:0 planar

Try try installing free KLite codec pack (it does contain YU12 ATI YV12 4:2:0 Planar ATI Technologies)
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