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Registered: 08.05.2021
08.05.21 16:46:31
I have two licenses. The older one on my laptop (with AVS cover editor) works great but have limited memory, so last October bought new PC with loads of memory and two hard drives. Bought new License and downloaded AVS package. Disappointed that cover editor no longer available or supported but the biggest thing is that on new version I've had nothing but trouble. AVS suggested removing and re-installing which I have done, but 3 out of the last 4 MP4 downloads, conversion and write to disc have failed. Download file OK, open video convertor and convert to good quality DVD. Follow suggestion to shrink to 1 disc. Hour and half later complete and option to open file or burn to disc. Select burn to disc, burner programme opens then select burn to disc. Previous choice box disappears and box appears saying no files to burn. Have to start from scratch again as file saved to hard drive when burnt to disc is not recognised by DVD player. ANY SUGGESTIONS.
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12.05.21 09:03:59
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We have answered you in our support system support.avs4you.com.

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