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Registered: 17.03.2020
17.03.20 18:09:04
I recently received a MASSIVE amount of audio tracks from a DJ friend of mine (10,000 +). He got them from various sources over the years, and naturally I want to use them in my sets. So as a test, I tried to normalize 1\4 of 1 folder (166 tracks, all .wav files). AVS Audio Editor SLOWLY processed all the selected files and then immediately closed before I could save them.
Is there a maximum number of tracks the batch function can handle at once?

MSI gaming laptop
i7 cpu
16 Gb RAM
Internal 2Tb HD
Seagate External 8Tb usb HD
2 Samsung 23" monitors

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Registered: 08.09.2009
19.03.20 09:01:04
The limitation is 4 GB of virtual memory for the AVSAudioEditor.exe process in the 64-bit system.
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