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Registered: 20.11.2019
20.11.19 01:28:22
I was prompted to install the new version of AVS Audio editor and its not working

MIssing DLL AVScodecs.dll

PLease help asap
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Registered: 08.09.2009
20.11.19 09:20:59
To: n.ramputty@gmail.com

Hello. No, the problem is not that the library is missing - it is present but not loading for ActiveX-registration in Repairing.exe utility. It is normal. avscodecs.dll is a very old DLL-library from very old version of some AVS-apps (e.g. AVSVideoEditor 3.x), but it's not an ActiveX-component, so it can not be registered and does not need it.

Obviously, you have mixed very old and new versions of AVS-apps on your PC. We recommend you first remove all old version of AVS-applications, and then download and install the latest versions from our website.

To help, you can use the AVSUninstallCleaner utility and AVSInstallPack installer.

In the AVSUninstallCleaner utility, it is better to enable (set checked) only the first 3 options: "Uninstall all AVS4YOU applications", "Delete AVS registry keys" and "Delete AVS common folders".
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