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Registered: 22.10.2019
22.10.19 19:36:18
Hey, folks.

I discovered a weird previewer bug, but luckily there's an easy fix from the user's end, though it might be a little more complex from the developers' end. I'm using AVS Editor 9.1.1.

Previewer bug: I load up a project I've been working on, and all the clips and images and text come up on the timeline as they should. Only I can't play the project in the previewer at the top right; the play button and all other buttons are grayed out. Even when I click on different clips and images on my timeline, the play button remains grayed out.

Fix - Multiple steps:

Step 1: Go to Edit > Settings > Preview. Normally, I have "Use video buffer" selected, as it is the only option that works. However, even with it selected at the moment, the project won't preview if you have just opened AVS. Simply switch to "Allow video overlay".

Step 2: SAVE your project. This is important because the fix won't work if you don't re-save your project, even if you have not made any changes to it. For some reason, for this particular bug, you need to save your project after switching to "Allow video overlay".

Step 3: Exit AVS Editor, and reload the same project you just had open. You will see the preview box displayed at the top right, but it's just black. You'll see the Play button is white, and available for clicking. But when you click Play, you won't see your project playing in the previewer, even though you will see the time marker moving from left to right along your timeline. The previewer is just black.

Step 4: Go to Edit > Settings > Preview and switch back to "Use video buffer". Now your project will play in the previewer, and all is well. Even though you get the message to restart AVS for the change to take effect, you really don't have to exit and reload, because your project will play right away.

This is just a temporary fix, however. Every time I exit AVS and get back to work on my project later, I have to go through the entire procedure above all over again. Thankfully it only takes a few seconds, so it isn't a big deal. Just putting it up here in case others have the same issue.
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