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Registered: 09.01.2019
09.01.19 21:03:26
Can You Improve Default Item File Directory Selection?

It would be great if file conversion would not be difficult to choose where the AVS4YOU software will make the output file.

It is usually difficult to find where AVS4YOU made that file. Or what it was called.

So there could be an automatic default that the new converted file will be in the same directory and the same filename, but only the extension will change as needed. For example, MP4 changes when converting MP3.

If you could add this default action to the programs, it would be much easier to use and this would be the standard. That I and others would not need to look for a file path each time, but AVS4YOU software could look at it myself!

Otherwise, I am satisfied with the programs. I bought a 4 computer license over the years.

Best Regards
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Registered: 03.07.2008
16.01.19 09:38:48
To: Juksaa

Dear Juksaa,

Thank you for the suggestion.

I will pass it over to our developers team.

Please note that new versions of AVS4YOU software are now available on our website. Please download and use them.

Kind regards
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