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Registered: 21.11.2018
21.11.18 05:16:43

i am using window 10 home edition 64bit
my AVS video editor has already update to the latest version
and re install a few time but my audio editing just not working every time i trying to boots the sound with the amplifier turned to max
but nothing change also try other audio edit change nothing change when i try thing

so i did a AVS repair and found some of my dll could not load library

missing dll image link

hope you guy can solve this issue for me really like AVS editor very friendly user editing soft
but the audio editing not working is really annoying for me

thanks in advance
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Registered: 03.07.2008
21.11.18 06:12:17
To: LordYun

Dear user,

Please download and unzip the file from the attachment. Then run the installation file, the repair.

Inform about the result please.

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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Posts: 2
Registered: 21.11.2018
21.11.18 07:41:40
To: Nat

thanks god finally fix this issue been having this issue for more then 6 mth
forcing me to use other software to edit the audio 1st and transfer to AVS

and last thanks for your fast responding
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Registered: 08.09.2009
21.11.18 08:08:45
To: LordYun

In the case of these errors you need to install the patch with set of inlinked DLLs.
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