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Registered: 26.10.2018
26.10.18 11:28:54
I am running Video Converter on WIN10 Pro 64 Bit with 16 Gb of RAM, but Video Converter appears to run as a 32 Bit application as it limits to around ~2 GB of memory usage when converting DVD to MPG. Seems like if it is a 64 bit application, it should be able to make use of more RAM.

Is Video Converter a 32, or 64 Bit application?

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29.10.18 08:39:12
AVS Video Converter and AVS Video Editor have some limitations for memory because they are 32-bit programs. The old versions supported only up to 2 GB of virtual memory for 32-bit process in all Windows (32-bit and 64-bit). The memory usage during file opening and conversion was enhanced since AVS Video Converter v.9.3.1 and AVS Video Editor v.7.3.1 in July 2016. Now they support up to 4 GB of virtual memory for process in 64-bit Windows and up to 3 GB of virtual memory for process in 32-bit Windows (with some configuring by user in system settings for 32-bit Windows).

Theoretically, AVSVideoConverter/AVSVideoEditor can use up to 8 GB of virtual memory in 64-bit Windows: up to 4 GB for process AVSVideoConverter.exe/AVSVideoEditor.exe (with GUI) and up to 4 GB for process AVSVideoConverterHost.exe (during conversion). But practically it depends on PC configuration, input files parameters and conversion options (formats, codecs and output parameters).
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02.11.18 19:43:22
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03.11.18 13:52:38
To: hendo

Thanks RomaRio!
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