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Registered: 01.10.2018
01.10.18 18:15:48
I am using AVS Video Editor. I all ways set the Aspect Ratio to 16:9. Some times the result is the video is wider. It is almost as wide as the 16:9 but has black vertical bars on the left side and the right side. (This is acceptable.) I am trying to figure out how this happened so that I can do it again. But so far I am confused. There is no settings except for a message asking "Do you want to set the aspect ratio? ..." when adding the first file, and the Aspect Ratio setting option 16:9.

But I don't remember what else I did to stretch it. So for right now the result is still 1:1. I have not yet tried to select "No." when it asks me, and then go back to change the option to 16:9 manually.

I do not know how it stretches it to 16:9 but I want to do it again.

Also ... in the past when adding the recently produced video to a new project, it will have horizontal bars. How and why does AVS Video Editor add these bars and stretch the videos?
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Registered: 01.10.2018
01.10.18 20:28:27
To: inHYPHENcorrect

After researching similar posts, they mention to use AVS Video Converter. (I Still Want To Know How To Do This With AVS Video Editor.)

I figured out what AVS Video Converter stretched the video projects to.

The source video is 1:1.
I want to loop part of it while playing music. (audio .mp3)
So I make smaller videos for each segment.
I then go into these segment videos and delete the original audio and I produce even more videos.
I add these segments with no audio together with the .mp3.
After making all these videos for some reason kept stretching it.

It was 1:1. Some where it made it a 4:3 and then some how it stretched it to some thing called "Width:Height"

I do not know how AVS Video Editor keeps doing it, but since I am trying to make a 16:9 with a 1:1 stretched to Width:Height, and since AVS Video Editor is not stretching it, I decided to use AVS Video Converter. I make a 4:3 by changing the input from "Original" to 4:3 and output to 4:3. I make the video.
And then I take this video I just made from AVS Video Converter and open AVS Video Converter again.

I set the input to Width:Height and the output to 16:9 and the result is a 16:9 video with narrow vertical black bars.

... and since I discovered AVS Video Converter's Aspet Correction Settings, I think I can stretch a 1:1 to 16:9 with no bars by setting AVS Video Converter to Input 16:9 Output 16:9

I guess I will make even more videos of the 1:1 videos that I have by stretching them into 16:9 with no black bars.

(These are Instagram videos, which loves to make things 1:1. I no longer use and instead have 16:9 cameras with YouTube not Instagram.)

But I still do not know why AVS Video Editor stretches the videos, and why does it only do it sometimes? Sometimes it seems to have a 1:1 video inside a 16:9 with black bars, a 4:3 video inside a 16:9 with black bars, and sometimes the results are a Width:Height video inside a 16:9 with black bars.

I guess if I really want to have a Width:Height inside a 16:9 with black bars, I can do that by using AVS Video Converter.
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05.10.18 14:04:59
To: inHYPHENcorrect

Dear user,

1). The fact is AVS Video Editor by default changes the aspect of the video according to the aspect of the first video added to the timeline.

To avoid the issue please try to do the following: click Edit button on the top toolbar - choose Settings - General - in Project section unclick the option 'Set the project's aspect ratio according to the first file' and close the Settings window.

Afterwards you will need to select your project aspect ratio according to the aspect ratio of the output file: click Edit - Aspect ratio - select 16:9. Black bars may still appear, it is made not to chnage the propertions of the input file. Please use the Zoom effect to delete the black bars on the sides.

Then edit your video and save it selecting 16:9 aspect for the output format.

2). We do not recommned you to make multiple conversions to avoid loss of quality. You can use AVS Video Editor to:
- split your video into parts (place the mouse coursor on the timeline where you need to split your video and press Split button on the middle toolbar),
- duplicate some parts of the video (right click on the video on the timeline and choose Duplicate),
- mute videos (right click on the video on the timeline - choose Mute),
- add new audio track on the audio timeline under the video line.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
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