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Registered: 12.08.2017
13.08.17 10:23:33
I use ReMaker every day, I love it.

I have some feature requests to improve its functionality.

1) TIMELINE ZOOMING: At the moment it's a bit clunky when trying to zoom in on an area of the timeline. I suggest the option of zooming with the mouse click wheel.

2) JUMPING TO NEXT CLIP: Sometimes at certain zoom levels it's hard to select a tiny clip. I suggest adding a keyboard option (or maybe it exists?) to select the next clip in the timeline.

3) TITLE SCREEN CLIPS: On the Disc Menu, when selecting clips, it appears that ReMaker encodes the entire file and includes it into the disc size. Therefore, if a 20 minute clip is used in the title loop, it's a huge waste of disc space. It would be fantastic if ReMaker only used a 10-20 second sample from the selected clip when it's used as a menu clip. At the moment I'm using another piece of software to create 3 x 10 second clips for my disc menus, as previously my DVD size was being bloated and became unburnable due to its size.

Those are my top 3 for now.

Thanks for the great software!
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Registered: 03.07.2008
22.08.17 12:34:06
To: mogsta

Dear user,

In answer to your questions:

There are keyboard shortcuts that can be used in AVS Video ReMaker:

1). Timeline zooming:
Ctrl+PgDn - Use it to zoom the Timeline in and enlarge the view of the added video.
Ctrl+PgUp - Use it to zoom the Timeline out and reduce the view of the added video.
F9 - Use it to fit the view of the added video to the Timeline.

2) Home - Use it to go to the beginning of the currently edited video at the Timeline.
End - Use it to go to the end of the currently edited video at the Timeline.
Alt + Right - Use it to move to the next frame.
Ctrl + Alt + N - Use it to move to the next scene.

The description of the other keyboard shortcuts can be found on Online Help page.

3) Thank you for the suggetion. I will pass it over to our developers team. For now you need to cut the scene before adding it on the working area of disk menu.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
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