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Registered: 29.10.2016
29.10.16 18:03:28
Hi! I need help with this beyond ASAP if possible. I need to know how to insert a GIF image and maintain a transparent background!! I tried the solution that is supposed to work for other editing software with no success (removing the background frame by frame in photoshop cc and exporting it as a new video), but once put into AVS there was immediately a background again. I've had to resort to inserting png images of each individual frame and needless to say, it's horrendously time consuming and inefficient. I'm on a crazy deadline so if you have a fix or a way to insert a GIF and maintain/have a transparent background in AVS Video Editor please, please, please let me know. Thank you, thank you!!!!
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31.10.16 07:20:58
To: AllisonCThomas

Dear user,

Unfortunately for now this option is not available.

Our developers are working on this issue.

I will let you know as soon as it may be available.

Kind regards
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14.05.21 04:17:05
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25.05.21 08:55:21
To: EstelleFranklin


Thank you for leaving the message in our forum!

Please tell us, did this thread help you or you have some other questions?

Best regards,
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