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Registered: 04.12.2008
04.12.08 20:20:11
I would like to decrease the volume of a mp3 file smoothly until to get the total silence.
The file is 10 minutes long, and I would like to start to decrease the volume just in the last 20 seconds.
How can I do that, with the audio editor?
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Registered: 16.05.2008
05.12.08 00:21:16
To: codonauta


Yes, that is possible. You have to apply the Fade In/Fade Out function. For that:
1. Launch AVS Audio Editor
2. Select the input file
3. Set markers and applly Fade In/Fade Out effect. Follow Effects>>Amplitude>>Fade In/Fade Out

For more detailed information, please follow this link to our Online Help.

Best Regards
Posts: 54
Registered: 04.12.2008
05.12.08 12:30:26
To: Dam

yes, I localized in the link the response. Thanks!
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Registered: 23.01.2009
26.01.09 09:43:06
Greetings All:

I am having problems eliminating the static from my audio voice recording. Even when I utilize the lowest decibel noise reduction setting it removes the noise, but the recording has a very hollow, ethereal and tunnel like effect and the sound is slightly distorted. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...


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