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Registered: 22.06.2014
12.09.14 20:00:47
I want to trim and then freeze the end of the clip to use. I seem to be only able to freeze when clip is in the main video line which would be fine but I cannot seem to relocate the clip at a different time point. It sets itself right next to the previous clip on the main line. I can move the clip to a specific time on the overlay line but am unable to freeze it as an overlay. Any ideals?
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Registered: 19.07.2014
13.09.14 18:44:00
How about using the multi trim, does it make a difference here?
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Registered: 03.07.2008
19.09.14 12:10:13
To: gregs

Dear user,

Please switch to the storyboard view and move the video parts to the new position:

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
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