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Registered: 18.05.2013
25.05.13 13:46:23
Hi everyone,

So I bought the software to convert my videos but the problem is that when the video exceeds a certain duration about 10 minutes, I receive an error message (see attached photos) and it strikes me that the conversion is done but not at all.

So i tried many solution explained on the forum including that by removing the registry but the problem is still present. The only thing I did not do is start with a repair tool that comes with the software because no way to find this tool. I think the problem comes from there .......

So thank you in advance for the answer.
Posts: 6
Registered: 18.05.2013
25.05.13 13:50:49
sorry for double post delate this post pls.
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Registered: 15.02.2013
27.05.13 08:41:58
Dear user,

In order to solve this problem please repair AVS files:

1. Close all AVS programs and other running applications.

2. Copy the following link to the address bar of My computer window and press <Enter>:

If you run 32bit PC: %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\AVSMedia\ActiveX\Repairing.exe

If you run 64bit PC: %COMMONPROGRAMFILES(x86)%\AVSMedia\ActiveX\Repairing.exe

If some of the .dlls are not registered, please make a screenshot of the Repair window showing those files and send it to us.

Unfortunately we have not received the screenshots you attached.

Try to provide some additional information about the error:

- describe your actions step by step; specify the text of the error message

- specify the format of the file you are trying to convert and its origin;

- specify to which format you convert and which presets you select;

- attach a screenshot of your PC configuration: right-click My Computer, choose Properties, make a screenshot of the General tab.

Best regards.
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