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Registered: 28.10.2008
30.10.08 17:33:57
I'm new to these tools and I need help with the Video Editor. Its a useful application and its suppose to be easy to use (like Powerpoint), but its the opposite (something as simple as cutting a part of a clip you don't want is a long and difficult procedure). Everytime I re-edit my original clip with transitions, texts, and images, it messes up the clip by skipping and slightly going out of synch with the voices. The edited previews are very slow responsive for me to double check my clip before converting. How do I fix my re-edited clip so I can convert it to MPG and WMP format without skipping? Before the clip was re-edtied, it worked fine. Video Converter doesn't do that, but Video Editor has more features and choices to re-edit and put together clips.
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Registered: 16.05.2008
31.10.08 04:47:06
To: JazzyJ83


We are ready to help you to solve the issue. But we need more information about the error.

So, please precise whether the audio/video is going out of synch in preview, or in the output file? If that is in output file, please let us know the preset, you chose to save the movie in. Precise the version of the AVS Video Editor you use.

We would like also know your PC configuration.

Best Regards
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