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Registered: 23.10.2012
23.10.12 14:27:24
Hi all,

I think it's all in the subject but I have a 4 hour .m2ts HD video and I am using the Xbox Standard HD profile to convert to and it is saying it will take 10 hours. I have a Sony Vaio laptop (2.45GHz i5 CPU with 6Gb RAM), it has Windows 7 and it has just been freshly rebuilt. The only other piece of software on it is Bitdefender 2012 in Game mode and with the relevant AVS files added to the exclusion list (before you ask :).

Any advice about how I could speed this up would be much appreciated as I have loads more home videos that I need to convert.


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Registered: 10.04.2012
24.10.12 08:28:29
To: Nosnibor35

Please note that the conversion/production speed depends not only on AVS applications but also on several factors such as:
- format of the input and output files
- the size of the input file
- location of the input and output files
- preset you have chosen
- your PC configuration
To speed up the conversion process please try to:
- make sure you convert files directly from and to your hard drive
- choose a preset wth lower bitrate, framerate and frame size parameters
- close all applications except AVS application
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Registered: 30.10.2012
30.10.12 22:29:17
I purchased the AVS Video Converter two or three days ago and have done some video converting (from mp4 to wmv, wmv to wmvHD). What I've noticed is that the conversions take an exceedingly long time. For example, converting a 17 minute, 350MB, wmv video to a 875MB 720p HD wmv video took over two hours. I attempted converting 2+ hour, 2.14GB, avi video to 720p HD wmv, but the estimated time for completion was nearly 19 hours - and this was when directly converting from and to my hard drive and all over apps were closed. It appears that there is a conversion time factor of about 8 to 9 times the original video time; i.e. taking up to 150 minutes to convert a 17 minute wmv video to 720p wmv HD. Is this normal?
I am working with a Sony Vaio laptop, with an Intel Centrino 2 processor, and 4MB memory. Is there any way, or something I can do, to speed up the converting process on my computer?
Also, I noticed that my computer slows down considerably when the video converter is active.
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Registered: 10.04.2012
31.10.12 07:04:15
To: gkeaton


Please make sure that Multi-thread conversion mode is chosen in the settings of AVS Video Converter (follow Settings >> Processing >> Conversion mode >> Multi-thread if available).
Also,you can set Priority to highest (follow Settings >> Processing >> Threads >> Priority).
Try disabling your antivirus before conversion starts.

Best regards
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