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Registered: 13.09.2012
13.09.12 14:49:27

I'm making a case study video on AVS video editor version 6.2. The issue I'm having is the images I am placing in the video program are all pixelated.
The images are of text I have created in Photoshop and then saved as JPGS which I imported into the AVS program.
I don't know if I'm saving the images on the wrong format (as JPEGS) or whether they are the wrong size.
The project aspect ratio I am working from is 4x3 and my JPEGS I am importing are 640x480 pixels. I also checked that the program is on high quality, it is.
I'd really appreciate some help with this as I have a deadline vast approaching.

Here is a link to a screen shot of a pixelated image from my video on an image hosting site http://bit.ly/P8xnLb

Many thanks in advance!

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14.09.12 08:13:07
To: laurencreative

Dear Lauren,

As far as I can see from your screenshot, your pictures become pixelated after you add them on the Timeline. Please note if the issue appears on the preview, it happens because of the cache process, which allows to reduce the size of the edited files and to speed up the editing process. The preview video quality does not affect the quality of the resulting video file, which depends on the settings you select for saving the file.

If the quality loss appears in the saved file, please try to select the following profile for the output file: Produce >> AVI >> HD Video 1080p.

Please let me know about the results you get.
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20.02.13 03:40:45
To: sherwindu

Dear user,

Your post has been moved. Please follow this link.

Kind regards
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