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Registered: 01.09.2012
01.09.12 19:00:48
For the most part, I've been able to tolerate the buggy issues of the program, as it wasn't breaking anything or leaving me unable to get anything done at all. Until now.

Has been ongoing for 2 or 3 days now.
First noticed it when trying to produce a project. Will click a button. Program no longer responds to anything.
Doesn't really matter what I try to do after I've opened a project, it freezes when trying to do nearly everything there after.
Tried to create a new project, but after dropping in a file to work on, trying to do anything & it freezes.
Sometimes projects would crash if I tried to work on stuff too soon after opening. But doesn't matter whether I let it sit for 5 minutes or 30, it will no longer respond.

Upgraded. Uninstalled & reinstalled. Tried its' repair function. Played around in the settings a bit.
Nothing. No change in it's freezing issue.

So. How about some ideas? Something that will get this working?
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Registered: 10.04.2012
03.09.12 08:48:40

To avoid the problem please completely uninstall AVS4YOU software from your PC. Instructions below:

1. Go Start > All Programs > AVS4YOU > Uninstall. Please make sure to click the "Check All" button.

2. Follow this link and download the utility that will automatically remove all AVS software components from your PC. Save the utility on your computer and launch it. It is highly recommended to leave the default option "Delete license key-files" checked.

3. Download the latest versions of the necessary programs from our website:
Now install the software on your PC anew.

If it does not solve the issue please contact us again and specify your PC configuration (OS, CPU, Ram).

Best regards.
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Registered: 07.09.2012
16.09.12 03:47:35

What file format are you importing? What is it's aspect and resolution?

What program, if any, are you using for capture.

I may not have an answer but I am attempting use the information to help narrow it down for a solution.

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