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Registered: 20.04.2012
21.04.12 03:54:51
Hi guys

I have a fairly powerful system. quadcore intel overclocked to 4.0Ghz, 6870 video card, 8GB of performance RAM, performance SSD for OS and temp files, etc etc etc.... on Win7 x64 bit Pro..

First time im trying out AVS Video Editor and im very disappointed.. i loaded up just 1 long (40 minute) 720 60fps GoPro video and started working on it..

I multi trimmed it and previewing them is soooo slow and choppy.. i've set the preview quality down to lowest and it's the same thing.. i think AVS has a hard time handling scene changes from trims.. like when you drag the time line to kinda preview transitions, or even just playing the timeline , i dont even see the transitions most of the time coz the thing is choppy and kinda just jumps and stuff..

i'ved worked w/ other editors like ProsHow and Power Producer and they didnt have this problem..

i also checked and yes Video Editor did cache the HD videos ..

is this what EVERYONE ELSE IS EXPERIENCING? or is it just me? can this be improved? i can't work w/ this

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23.04.12 09:49:58
To: BrownChiLD


Please make sure the cache process was completed. Or you can also try to disable the cache process.

Best regards.
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Registered: 04.10.2012
05.10.12 00:29:50
To: Lex

If your instructions are that vague all the time, I think few users are much helped by it.

I, too, am disgusted with the slowness of AVS4You video editor. Transitions are jumpy and choppy. Audio cuts in and out. Sometimes preview playback simply freezes for several seconds.

Probably the worst is a SEVENTEEN MINUTE LOAD TIME for a 16:41 second long project. As in: "I double clicked on the project, the splash screen came up, and I then went to take a shower and eat a sandwich before the software loaded and I could actually do any work."

Any words on how to actually check the cache or disable it, or are we just being guided by the Force here?
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05.10.12 14:34:44
To: CoachWade


We have contacted you in Online Support System:

Best regards
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06.07.18 16:34:52
To: BrownChiLD

I'm also having the same glitchy problems with avs4you. can't get anything done on my asus windows 7.
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10.07.18 11:21:33
To: adlbrk

Dear user,

Please try to provide some additional information about the issue you have:
- specify the program you use and its version,
- describe your actions step by step,
- specify the format and origin of the file you use.

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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