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Registered: 02.08.2011
02.08.11 19:58:17
I recently purchased the Disc Creator with the hopes of burning the video I created using the Video Editor to a DVD-r. I followed the directions online and it worked, everything plays and the menu connects to the coresponding area in the video.

However, the disc menu is completely out of proportion and looks much larger than it did on my PC prior to burning. I tried it a second time to the same results. I'm saving the file as an HQ NTSC and I'm using a preset menu style. The only idea I can come up with is that it's a resolution issue (my laptop is set at 1920x1200) which has been an issue in the past with powerpoints and such.

Any ideas on how to resolve the problem would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
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03.08.11 03:28:27
To: jsteiner@arcadia.edu


First of all please make sure that you have the latest version AVS Video Editor 6.0. which is avaliable on our website www.avs4you.com and re-download presets pack from this link. Install new version with presets pack and produce DVD again from your project. Also, if you play resulted DVD on laptop with 1920x1200 screen, your DVD menu must have 16:9 aspect ratio, so please adjust it in DVD menu settings of AVS Video Editor.

I hope it helps.

Best regards.
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23.08.11 06:03:28
To: Hello Vlad and JSteiner as well as anyone else reading this,

I have to say, I'm honestly surprised there haven't been more people responding to this thread with similar problems and complaints regarding this issue. I too have had issues with the DVD or Disc Menu Screen being 'Stretched out of Proportion" or 'Enlarged' (see attached files). I too made sure that I chose the 16:9 aspect ratio before saving and producing the DVD but still this did not make any difference. This has happened with previous and current versions of AVS Video Editor (5.1, 5.2, and 6.0), so it doesn't matter which version you have. Apparently, it has been a known issue at AVS and going on well over a year now still without a fix. I contacted Tanya at AVS Support and here is the response I got from her, "As to the problem with DVD menu unfortunately there is a bug with DVD menu in AVS Video Editor. Our developers are working on the problem, but unfortunately have not found the solution to the problem yet."

Well, in my response to her I told her that I find it to be truly unbelievable that a problem such as this one would go unresolved for that long a time -- what are you guys doing over there at AVS headquarters?

So given that it makes over a year and a half and many Versions later that this "bug" issue still remains unfixed and for me, many imperfect homemade DVDs later...I have two questions to ask at this point: 1) When can we expect this annoying issue to be resolved? and 2) what can we do to get around it, if anything? ...what suggestions does anybody have?


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23.08.11 10:48:00
To: MrRob1976@gmail.com

Hello Robert,

We apologize for the inconvenience.The problem appeared in version 5.1. Unfortubately,the issue still exists. Our developers are searching the reasion of the issue. To work around the issue we advise you to save your project to Blu-Ray format if you want to have video with aspect 16:9. In case you want DVD please save the project to DVD format with aspcet 4:3

We regret any inconveniece once again.

Best regards.
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16.06.14 04:06:21
To: Lex

I am using AVS Video Editor Version and still they have not fixed the disc menu aspect ratio problem. Appears those that write the source code have placed this issue in the too hard basket.

2014 some 3 years later and still this known bug has not been fixed.

Attached screenshot of the disc menu aspect ratio bug still present in latest version.

When do we think AVS will resolve this software bug, as it makes the use of the disc menu completely pointless.

I'm afraid burning blue ray standard is not always an option for my customers!.

Please advise when AVS will fix this bug..
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20.06.14 07:14:48
To: dls2004

Dear user,

Please specify the aspect ratio of your project.

Do you create BlueRay video and burn it to DVD disk?

Specify if you have the smae problem with all types of menu you use.

Thank you for the information.

Kind regards
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26.07.14 16:26:10
To: dls2004

Hi. What aspect ratio did you have set for this if I may ask? And did you ever find a work around so far?
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