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Posts: 76
Registered: 23.07.2009
03.07.11 20:14:25
Can ypu enhance the Ken Burns effect to be multi-directional, instead of just one direction?
Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
06.07.11 05:23:18
To: groovy3130


I will suggest our developers to enhance the effect. Do you have a video example of such effect?

Posts: 76
Registered: 23.07.2009
11.07.11 16:26:11
To: Vlad

Here's one from YouTube

Posts: 48
Registered: 11.07.2011
15.07.11 16:32:18
To: groovy3130

I think the exisiting Ken Burn effect can do the multidirectional as demonstrated. But the problem is you have to configure it for each and every photo even if you to to repeat the same direction for a group of photos. At the moment, at least I can see it, there is no way to

1) store and retrieve pre-configured Ken Burn effects
2) duplicate or copy and paste of any in-use configuration.

A storre and retrieve ( or ability to create new sub-versions ) of the effect is sorely needed to make it practical.

May be the adminstrator can tell us how.
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