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Posts: 6
Registered: 21.07.2008
27.07.08 20:49:18
To: Dam

I can burn video short performances, but when I get to the 3rd little video, by
playback in my dvd player with the television, the video freezes in spots while the song keeps playing, then continues, and does this a few more times, then the next video does too.

I can go back to the first and second little video, again its fine, but the 3rd and 4th intermittently freeze.
I have jus paid dearly for this package, and have used a dozed dvds and throwh away.
SOMEONE HELP PLEASE. It shouldn't be this hard to use.
Posts: 6
Registered: 21.07.2008
27.07.08 21:22:41
Still having big problems with freezing intermittently on videos when playing back in dvd player, I can tell this is going to happen when I choose advanced and watch the conversion to dvd (or am i supposed to convert wmv files to something else first? I tried wmv (which they already are) to mpeg and still had the same problem.

This is too frustrating for words.

I went in to the repair and noticed everything is a success except

cannot load libr.... AVSMobileDevice2ActiveSync.dll

HELP, what can I do, is this causing the problem, I'm EXTREMELY frustrated, I want this to work and it driving me crazy.

Posts: 569
Registered: 16.05.2008
28.07.08 04:42:44
To: Della Tyson

Hello Della,

To help you to solve that issue, we also need these problem videos. Please attach them to the forum. If you fail to attach them, please inform me and I will send you the FTP information.

Best Regards.
Posts: 6
Registered: 21.07.2008
28.07.08 10:45:49
To: Dam

I can't send you the files, it was on a you send it, but, its not the same video each time, its always the 3rd one, because I have been trying so desperately to make these work, I tried the video that worked on 1st or 2nd one, and made it the third, and same problem, so its after about 10 minutes max of vids the freezing starts.

about the repair, why do I have the one that was not a success in my above msg???

Aren't they ALL supposed to be a success,

There was a fix for another file (file3) you'll see in other msgs, I did that fix, but that was because I couldn't burn, now am able to burn but can't do more than two videos of only about 8 minutes long,

can we start over again, if you have fixes???

Or send me the file you mention.

my email is brit30watson@hotmail.com

thanks, Della
Posts: 6
Registered: 21.07.2008
28.07.08 10:49:31
To: Dam

In addition to my last msg, what I have is wmv files, I go through process of converting, and watch them, so I can tell when they start to freeze, also, I don't know what the software is converting to, I just click on the square menu where it says DVD and then leave the browse part where the file has already been set and it asks me if I want to replace, I say yes, and then it converts.

I've tried enough to be a guru but I'm getting so tired of it, like I said should NOT be this hard.
thanks again, Della
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