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Registered: 26.09.2010
07.02.11 20:42:08

I'm trying to reconcile my earlier learing on iMovie4 with this program.

Specifically, I was able to divide the video into multiple clips move them back to the "library" until I decided where and how to use them.

In my current project, the first 12-15 minutes of video contains images of about 8-9 art pieces that I want to use in a sequence other than the one they were shot in and to have them interspersed with shots of the artist and under the artists "voice-over".

Trimming and splitting seems to only allow destruction of segments, how can I accomplish what I want to in AVS editor?
Support Manager
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08.02.11 03:46:43
To: alexbotkin

You can import the whole video, devide it into video clips using "split" option add additional shots and transitions
I'd recommend to swicht the program to "storyboard" view after you split original video to make moving and adding new shots easier.
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