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Registered: 15.01.2011
15.01.11 15:10:18
So I use fraps to record videos of commentary and if you have used fraps you know that it splits up all files into 3.9g files (very anoyying). So I use the Video Editor to compile all of these files together and reformat them on the way out as a single file.

Another thing I do while in the editor is I edit the audio with the options available via AVS Video Editor.

My question is when I edit a single part of my timeline (EI, one of the 3.9g fraps avi files) Is there any way I can make these changes to all parts on the timeline, or must I change my audio for each and every one?

It would save me a HUGE amount of time if I could just edit the audio of the whole timeline as apposed to opening up each part.

If there is no option for doing this, is there a way to merge said files in the Video Editor before exporting it into its new format? If so I could just do that and then edit the audio after it is merged before exporting it.

At the moment I compile them, which takes ~20 mins, then I open it in the audio editor, then save it there, which takes another 20 mins.. So if someone could help me you would be cutting my work time in half!

Thank you for your time.
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18.01.11 08:04:05
To: Slanderbot


Unfortunately, there is no such option to apply audio edits to all clips in AVS Video Editor. However, you can quicly merge clips into one with AVS Video ReMaker software and then edit audio. Or you can use batch processing in AVS Audio Editor to apply audio effects to all audio tracks of video files.

Best regards.
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