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18.11.10 14:13:41
I have tried converting this VTS file, and it always freezes and the program gives options to "debug" or "close program". Needless to say, I have already had my computer on for 2 days so, I wanted to debug and avoid the lost time. After pressing on the "debug" option, Visual Studio opens. It doesn't show any code, but why is there an error? Is there a flaw on my computer or on the software itself. AVS Video Converter is what the error pops up on. I have had success using this program,but it takes about 2 -3 days to convert to AVI format, and the output is larger than the VTS file itself. Has anyone had this issue or a similar issue dealing with this subject? The error message is on the attached word document. It is a screenshot of the error message it self on the3 Visual Studio "debug" process that occurred after I pressed on the "debug" button. Good luck.
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22.11.10 07:23:07
To: peteypac


Sorry for the late response.

As far as I know our support manager Maria, has already been working with you on a problem in our support system. Please follow her tips to solve the problem. Please note that you should open VIDEO_TS.IFO file to convert DVD.

Size of output file depends on output settings. Which output profile do you select when convert to AVI?

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