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Registered: 07.07.2008
07.07.08 16:58:28
Can someone answer this question for me as tech support won't reply. Thank yoiu. Here is what I wrote to them.

I have a problem. I have entered the key code for the audio converter once, and the messge said, activated. Closed the program out. Went back to open it again, and it said it was not activated or registered. So I entered the code again, anohter message said, it failed becasuse I was entering it into more than one computer, to go and get a liscense for mulitble computers. What is going one here? I would appreciate a promt response. Am I going to have this problem with the other programs I try to use? God bles.

I also need to know if this program will convert from MP3 or WAV into Midi, not just music, but also songs? Thank you.
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Registered: 16.05.2008
08.07.08 03:39:30
To: StevePolitte


Unfortunately, AVS software do not work with midi format at all.

As for the registration, we do not discuss the registration questions on the forum, I will contact you by e-mail.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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Registered: 15.01.2011
15.01.11 09:27:18
[QUOTE="Dam"]To: StevePolitte

Unfortunately, AVS software do not work with midi format at all.

why doesnt the midi work at all? that the reason i downloaded this
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Registered: 17.10.2010
15.01.11 14:55:01
To: josses101

Talk about bringing up the past - the post you are quoting is from 2008. Have you tried doing midi conversion in the latest version? I dont have the program at the moment but I do recall that there is an additional 20something mb package for midi.
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Registered: 17.10.2010
15.01.11 14:59:45
I should be more clear- based on the supported file types listing, it can convert from but to midis.
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