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Registered: 27.04.2010
27.04.10 06:27:12
Been using the Video Editor for many weeks, now, and it's been very good for the price.

Yesterday and today, I've begun having problems with the Text Editor ...

When I take a snapshot of different frames of my video, insert it into the Timeline and try and edit text over the top, the screen where I had been adding text, boxes, etc., is totally blanked out (see attached image - it's animated and switches between the Timeline view and the Text Editor) ...

I can't add text or anything.

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Registered: 29.01.2012
28.04.10 12:32:37
To: GrahamWadden


Could you please provide some additional information about the problem:

- specify what version of AVS Video Editor you have;
- specify the exact file format of your snapshots. Did you make them with AVS Video Editor?
- specify what exact text effect you add to snapshots;
- attach a screenshot of your PC configuration (right click on My Computer>Properties).

Best regards.
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