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Posts: 16
Registered: 16.04.2010
23.04.10 11:00:39
Unless I am missing something it appears you can only take a snapshot with the video editor in a 640x480 size. Is this something you could add an option for at least an 800x600 snapshot in a future update? Or more options if it is easy enough. ;-)
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Registered: 29.01.2012
26.04.10 11:30:26
To: schemer

Hello Schemer,

Yes, currently AVS Video Editor allows to take snapshot in 640x480 or 640x360 depending on the aspect enabled in the video. I will forward your suggestion to our developers so they consider to add such option to the next version of the program. Thank you.

Best regards.
Posts: 16
Registered: 16.04.2010
26.04.10 13:17:46
To: Vlad

Thanks Vlad. That would be a very nice option and I know other people will appreciate it too.
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