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Registered: 18.06.2009
09.03.10 13:29:16
I need some help editing credits using the text feature, and unfortunately the "help" documentation doesn’t match my newer version of your software. It appears that editing of the text has a mind of it's own -- I simply cannot seem to get the credits to either properly scroll from the start correctly, or end correctly without a whole lot of unwanted black space. While in the text editor window, there's an object box that appears which would seemingly allow the truncation of the extra black space/rows at the end, although all attempts to either move this box or drag it in closer to the end of the text just fouls up the starting point. I've spent hours and hours trying to figure it out and it truly makes no sense. Please help!!

Thanks so much,

Dave Cooper
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Registered: 22.01.2009
10.03.10 02:05:22
To: davecooper@optonline.net

Duration of the credits and place where you would like to insert them in your project are adjusted on the timeline. The starting point of the credits is set by dragging the Text area to the required place on the timeline (note screenshot 1). The ending point is adjusted by dragging the right boarder of the credits (screenshot 2). When the credits end, the black space is viewed until the last word of the credits disappears. This is the way the credits actually work.

The frame that you can see in the Text Edit window is not intended for truncation of the extra black space, it allows you to adjust the background of the credits. For ex., in case you put the credits onto your image or video you can adjust the black area and the area of the video/image to be shown (note screenshots 3 and 4).

Hope these explanations are helpful.
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Registered: 18.06.2009
10.03.10 07:55:59
To: nadin

Ahha! Thanks for your quick reply, Nadin, this definitely helps me understand what's really going on with the frames in the text editor feature, thank you. I really wish the help documentation was better detailed like your response was :)

Ok so when the credits exceed the viewable window, how is the text supposed to be edited if the frame re-sizing isnt the correct way to handle this? The immediate workaround I came up with was:

1. create a separate document with my lengthy credits, using notepad or any other document software would work
2. drag the credits text overlay onto the timeline
3. select the edit text feature to open the Text Edit window
4. without changing the text edit frame, change the font size of the sample credit text to fit within the viewable window
5. delete the sample credit text
6. copy the lengthy credits from my separate document
7. paste them into the Text Edit window
8. change the font characteristics accordingly
9. select OK to exit the Text Edit window
10. adjust the duration/scroll speed within the timeline

Was this the correct way to do this? or is there a simpler method within the software design that I couldnt figure out?

Thanks again for your help!
Posts: 1786
Registered: 22.01.2009
10.03.10 22:29:00
To: davecooper

Guess that would be the best scenario in case of lengthy credits.
I will pass a suggestion along to our developers concerning optimization of the text entry method in the Text Edit window for the next version of the program.

Kind regards
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