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Registered: 08.03.2010
08.03.10 17:24:08
I am not as techie as so many of you. It would be so cool if AVS had a menu in each of its programs that did common things .
I have 2 main computers I use. A Sony laptop that I split the HD and installed a sound hard drive. And a desk top that I run 4 operating systems. With both computers I have numerous hard drives. A couple redundant for backup. Sometimes when I am exploring all the drives at the same time looking at all the folder icons kind of puts me lost in the woods. So I started dividing up the drives and organizing them in windows 7 where you can create your own new libraries and the cool thing is all the drives can be in multiple places. I mean on multiple drives and yet you can organize them into one tree. I was using windows icons to give them more of a personality but then I thought, what if I could use my own pictures to turn into icons. I am sure there is a way but if AVS had a "right click" Turn into icon" so I could do that right at the folder. How cool is that.
Hope your guys can work that out.
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09.03.10 02:57:44
To: m6255

I will suggest our developers implementing an option to convert images to .ico format using AVS Image Converter. This way it would be possible to convert your own images to this format and then using right-click and opening Properties for a particular folder set the icons created as the customized thumbnail view.

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09.03.10 22:02:56
To: nadin

Oh You are the best. I have heard that but now I am a believer!
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16.10.10 12:57:04
To: m6255

Hello, I am a new user of the AVS products. QUESTION? did you ever find a way to convert images to icons?

Let let me know how, if you found a way.. Thanks
alice enix
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18.10.10 02:59:20


Unfortunately, ico format is not yet supported by AVS Image Converter. You can save image to ico format (windows icon format) in AVS Photo Editor.

Best regards.
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