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Registered: 22.02.2010
22.02.10 09:13:18
Howdy all...

New user of Video Editor and I have a couple of questions.

First of all, let me say, even though I've only been using this program for about a week now, I'm VERY pleased with it. Much more powerful than the standard "Movie Maker" software.

Okay, now then, the questions:

If most movie maker style programs there is a way to easily "fade out" the music track. I haven't found an easy function for this. I have discovered that you can "bend" the volume level and this does work as a fade out. In fact, this is much more powerful than the generic fade out as it lets a user pick how slow or quick the fade out will be, as well as fade up louder if desired. That said, for many tasks I just need a basic fade out and it would be nice to have a quick one click solution for those situations were basic fade is all I need. I've also discovered than often when I fade out music, at the very end I get a quick blip of loud music... like there is a 1/4 second of regular volume at the end.

Question number next: As with the music, is there a way to just fade to black? Right now what I do is insert a bmp which is just a big black rectangle I made it paint, then I do a standard fade to that. It works, but again, is there a simpler way?

Thanks much,

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24.02.10 00:29:12
To: seateabee@gmail.com

In the current version of the program there are no one-click options for the functions mentioned, but we will do our best to add them in future.

Thank you for your feedback.
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