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Registered: 11.02.2010
11.02.10 14:29:28
When opening ANY of the AVS4You programs, I receive the following error:

Error reading NCTColorLinks1->RegistryPath: Failed to create key SOFTWARE\AVS4YOU\AudioEditor\Options\Colors.

Any suggestions? I have tried reinstalling after completely removing files. I receive the same message.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
15.02.10 03:53:02
To: alanc

Do you have administrative permissions for program installation?
If not, the error might be caused by that. Try reinstalling the programs after you log in as administrator.

Posts: 1786
Registered: 22.01.2009
16.02.10 05:49:11
To: alanc

Could you also follow Start > Run, print regedit and try to find the following path in the registry:

If you fail to find it, please follow C:\Program Files\AVS4YOU\AVSAudioEditor and launch ColorPresets.reg
After that follow to the registry once again and check whether the path mentioned above appeared or not.

Kind regards
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