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Registered: 17.01.2010
17.01.10 02:04:54
I am trying to convert a bbc mp4 file to avi file, but i get a codec error. The ACM video codec is installed. any ideas ?
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Registered: 22.01.2009
18.01.10 00:36:26
To: bigjohnuk

BBC iPlayer files are DRM-protected, therefore they cannot be converted using our software. Here is more information about how this system works from Wikipedia.

Best regards
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Registered: 13.11.2014
13.11.14 00:30:30
Use get_iplayer which does not import any baggage code and then use any player you like. Type in get iplayer in google to download
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Registered: 15.09.2014
15.11.14 22:03:17
So much adware on that player. I can verify that there is no other way around this.
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